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Add a Scanner

SecurityCenter supports the use of as a Nessus scanner within SecurityCenter. is an enterprise-class remote vulnerability scanning service that may be used to audit internet-facing IP addresses for both network and web application vulnerabilities from the cloud. While they are not managed by SecurityCenter (e.g., plugins are not pushed from SecurityCenter to the scanner), scanners can be added to SecurityCenter in the same manner that internal, local, or remote Nessus scanners are added.

Before You Begin:

  • Confirm that you have a valid, active subscription.

To add to SecurityCenter as a Nessus scanner:

  1. Log in to SecurityCenter as an administrator user.
  2. Click Resources > Nessus Scanners.
  3. Click Add.

  4. Configure Nessus scanner options, as described in Nessus Scanners. You must configure all required options and use values for some settings:


    Value for a Configuration





    The username for an active user account.


    The password for an active user account.


    The zones within SecurityCenter that use as a scanner.
  5. Click Submit.

Note: Existing scan reports from are not automatically available in SecurityCenter. However, you can manually download and import them into SecurityCenter.

Note: By default, selects the corresponding regional scanner. For example, if you run a scan in the United States, selects the United States scanner. If you run a scan in Germany, selects the Germany scanner.

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