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Add an Active Scan

For more information about active scan options, see Active Scans.

Before you begin:

  • Confirm you are running Nessus 6.3.6 or later.
  • Confirm you understand the complete scanning configuration process, as described in Scanning Overview.

To add an active scan:

  1. Log in to SecurityCenter as an organizational user with appropriate permissions. For more information, see User Roles.

  2. Click Scans > Active Scans.

    The Active Scans page appears.

  3. Click Add.

    The Add Active Scan page appears.

  4. Click General.
  5. Type a Name for the scan.
  6. (Optional) Type a Description for the scan.
  7. Select a Policy for the scan.
  8. (Optional) Select a Schedule for the scan.
  9. Click Settings.
  10. If prompted, select a preconfigured Scan Zone for the scan.
  11. Select an Import Repository for the scan.
  12. Select a Scan Timeout Action for the scan.
  13. Select a Rollover Schedule for the scan.
  14. Enable or disable the Advanced options.
  15. Click Targets.
  16. The page updates to show the required options for that target type.

  17. Select a Target Type for the scan.

  18. Select one or more Assets and/or IPs / DNS Names for the scan.
  19. (Optional) In the Credentials section, if you want to configure credentialed scanning, click Add Credential. Then:

    1. In the drop-down boxes, select a credential type and a preconfigured credential.
    2. Click the check mark to save your selection.

  20. (Optional) If you want to configure multiple credentials for the active scan, repeat step 19.

    Note: When running an active scan, SecurityCenter attempts authentication using the newest credentials added by an Administrator user. If the newest Administrator-added credentials do not match, SecurityCenter attempts authentication with older Administrator-added credentials.

    Then, if no Administrator-added credentials match, SecurityCenter attempts to authenticate using the newest credentials added by an organizational user. If the newest organizational user-added credentials do not match, SecurityCenter attempts authentication with older organizational user-added credentials.

    If no credentials match, the scan runs without credentialed access.

  21. In the Post Scan section:
    1. (Optional) If you previously added an email address to your account profile and you want to configure email notifications, enable or disable E-Mail Me on Launch or E-Mail Me on Completion.
    2. (Optional) If you want to configure automatic report generation, click Add Report. For more information, see Add a Report to a Scan.
  22. Click Submit.

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