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Log Correlation Engine Client Policies

The LCE Client Policies page contains a list of all the client policies currently available for use by LCE clients. The list contains the name of the policy, the operating system it is configured for use on, and the type of client the policy can be applied to.

Example policy files are available for use with the names default and beginning with TNS-. You can use these policy files as is or export them to be used as a basis for custom policy files. Tenable may update or change these example policy files without notice, so using them as is may return different results at a later time.

Use the Add button to add customized LCE Client policy files to the LCE server and make them available for use. The Name option is appended to the beginning of the file name and offers a description of the function or use of the policy file. The OS Type is used in the file name to easily identify the OS for which the policy is designed. The Client Type indicates the LCE Client for which the policy is written. The Source option is used to select and upload the custom policy file or type the policy file into the box. Click the Submit button to save the policy file and send it to the LCE server.

Note: The default and TNS prefixes should only be used by policies supplied by Tenable. If you use default or TNS as a prefix for custom policy files, they may be overwritten or manipulated.

Select a policy, click the gear button drop-down menu, then click Export to save the policy to a local drive. The file is in XML format, which you can edit with standard text or XML editors.

Select a policy, click the gear button drop-down menu, then click View to display the policy name and source of the policy in a window within You cannot edit the information from within this window.

Note: For more information on creating LCE Client Policy files, see the LCE Client Guide.

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