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Export a Report Definition

In, you can export a report definition as an XML file. This feature is useful for organizations running multiple Tenable.scs to provide consistent reports without duplicating the work needed to create definition templates.

To export a report definition:

  1. Click Reporting > Reports.

    The Reports page appears.

  2. Click the gear icon next to the report you want to export.

  3. Click Export.
  4. Do one of the following:

    • Click Keep All References.

      Object References are kept intact. Importing users should be within the same organization and have access to all relevant objects for the components to be useable.

    • Click Remove All References.

      All Object References are removed, altering the definitions of the components. Importing users do not need to make any changes for components to be useable.

    • Click Replace with Placeholders.

      Object References are removed and replaced with their respective names. Importing users can see the name of the reference object, but must replace it with an applicable object within their organization before the component is useable. downloads the report definition to your computer.

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