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Manage Filter Components for Multiple Elements

When managing filter components for a chapter report in SecurityCenter, you can search the report for elements that use certain filter components, then update the filter component criteria for all matching elements in that report at the same time.

Tip: You can build filters using one or more filter components with defined filter component criteria. Filter components are types of data (e.g., CVE ID or Severity). After you select a filter component, you specify the filter component criteria (e.g., a specific CVE ID or a specific severity level).

You can use the following filter components to search and update: Address, Audit File, Asset, CVE ID, DNS Name, IAVM ID, Repositories, Scan Policy, and Severity.

For example, if you search a report definition for all elements where the Severity filter component is set to Info, you can update the Severity filter component to Medium for all elements, and add an Audit File filter component to the elements at the same time.

Note: DISA ARF, DISA ASR, and CyberScope reports do not support filtering by agent repository.

To manage filter components for multiple elements in a chapter report:

  1. Click Reporting > Reports.

    The Reports page appears.

  2. In the reports table, click the name of the report you want to edit.

    The Edit Report page appears.

  3. In the left navigation bar, click Definition.

    The report outline appears. This outline is, by default, expanded. For more information, see Edit a Report Outline.

  4. In the top navigation bar of the outline, click Find/Update Filters.
  5. In the Matching Filters box, review the list to verify that you want to apply the update to all the listed elements.

    Tip: If you do not want to apply the current update to all the listed elements, it may be more appropriate to manage filter components by individual element. For more information, see Manage Filter Components for a Single Element.

  6. Click Update Filters.

    SecurityCenter applies the updates to the matching elements and returns you to the report outline.

  7. Click Submit to save your changes to the report.

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