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Report Images

Note: Image files must be of type .png or .jpg. Images used must be consistent when selecting the bit depth (8-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit, etc.). Otherwise, errors might be encountered when generating reports.

In SecurityCenter, the Report Images interface allows a user with permissions to view details, add, edit, or delete PDF report images. From this interface, you can manage two types of images: logos and watermarks. Logos appear at the bottom of each page, while watermarks appear prominently across the center of the report page.

To filter the Report Images page, see Apply a Filter.

Report Image Options

Option Description


Add a new logo or watermark image. Note that only PNG and JPEG formats are supported. The default image sizes are as follows, all at 300 DPI:

default-cover-logo = 987x130

default-footer-logo = 380x100

default-page-logo = 579x84

default-watermark = 887x610

While there are no set limitations on image size or resolution, using images that are different from these specifications can have a negative impact on report appearance.

Note: The image size must be set to 300 DPI to prevent image breaks.


Edit any of the selected image’s options, including name, description, type and file.


View image details including: name, description, date uploaded, last modified and type.


Delete the highlighted image.

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