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SecurityCenter CV Behavior on Expiration of Maintenance Period or License

This topic describes the behavior of SecurityCenter CV if you allow your software maintenance license to expire. Software maintenance licenses can be either perpetual or subscription-based.

SecurityCenter Console

  • Perpetual license—The software remains fully functional. All user data is accessible. However, the SecurityCenter feed stops (that is, SecurityCenter no longer receives new plugin updates, dashboard updates, report updates, or audit file updates). Scan and data collection functionality is inhibited as described in the PVS, LCE and Nessus sections below.
  • Subscription license—You can no longer access the console unless you enter a new license key. Normal operation resumes once you replace the license key.


When the software maintenance period expires, Nessus stops receiving plugin updates. After a period of 90 days, Nessus stops working and cannot perform new scans. Because SecurityCenter stops receiving feeds once the maintenance period expires, the Nessus scanners managed by SecurityCenter no longer receive updates and stop working after the 90-day period.


After 30 days with no updates, PVS stops processing new data.


LCE stops processing new logs on the day of license expiration, but you can still query existing data within LCE.

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