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Upload Scan Results

You can upload active or agent scan results from scans performed by other systems. SecurityCenter supports either raw (.nessus) or compressed (.zip) files, with one .nessus file per archive before uploading. This allows you to import scan results from scans run in remote locations without network connectivity to SecurityCenter.

Note: To upload files greater than 300 MB to SecurityCenter, you must modify upload_max_filesize in /opt/sc/support/etc/php.ini to accommodate the larger uploads.

Scan Result-Repository Incompatibility

Caution: Tenable does not recommend importing scan results to incompatible repositories since data may be omitted.

If you upload agent scan results to a non-agent repository, SecurityCenter omits all vulnerabilities without IP Address data for the host. Non-agent repositories cannot uniquely identify hosts without IP Address data for the host.

If you upload non-agent scan results to an agent repository, SecurityCenter omits all vulnerabilities without Agent ID data for the host. Agent repositories cannot uniquely identify hosts without Agent ID data for the host.

To upload scan results:

  1. Log in to SecurityCenter as an organizational user with appropriate permissions. For more information, see User Roles.

  2. Click Scans > Scan Results.
  3. Click Upload Scan Results.
  4. In the Scan File option, click Choose File.

    The file uploads to SecurityCenter.

  5. In the Import Repository drop-down box, select a repository.
  6. If you selected an IPv4 or IPv6 repository, enable or disable the Advanced options: Track hosts which have been issued new IP address, Scan Virtual Hosts, and Immediately remove vulnerabilities from scanned hosts that do not reply.

    For more information about the advanced options, see Active Scans.

  7. Click Submit.

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