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Retrieve Asset Data from SecurityCenter

To retrieve asset data from SecurityCenter, Tenable recommends the following approach:

  1. Authenticate, if you have not already done so. Be sure to include the authentication token in your request headers. For more information on authentication, see the description of the /token endpoint in the SecurityCenter API reference guide.
  2. Use the GET version of the /asset endpoint.

    HTTP Request Syntax:

    GET /rest/asset?filter=filter,...&fields=field,...

    To retrieve data based on the default filters in the Assets page of the SecurityCenter user interface, Tenable recommends the following:


    For a full list of filter and field values for the /asset endpoint, see the SecurityCenter API reference guide.

    HTTP Request Example:

    GET /rest/asset?filter=excludeAllDefined,usable&fields=owner,groups, ownerGroup,status,name,type,template,description,createdTime, modifiedTime,ipCount,repositories,targetGroup,tags,creator

    Note: This example includes line breaks for readability. In actual use, the request cannot include line breaks.

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