Delete a Linked User Account

Required User Role: Administrator

If you want to remove a linked user account, you must delete the linked account. You cannot convert a linked user account into a standalone user account. For more information about linked user accounts, see Linked User Accounts.

Note: If you want to delete an Administrator or Security Manager with linked user accounts, you must delete the linked accounts associated with the Administrator or Security Manager before deleting the Administrator or Security Manager.

To delete a linked user account:

  1. Log in to Tenable Security Center via the user interface.

  2. Click Users > Users.

    The Users page appears.

  3. Apply a filter to view the organization for the user you want to delete, as described in Apply a Filter.
  4. Select the linked user account you want to delete:

    A confirmation window appears.

  5. (Optional) If you want to migrate the user's objects, click the toggle to migrate the user's objects to another user. Tenable Security Center supports migrating:

    • Active scans, agent scans, and scan results
    • Custom assets, credentials, audit files, and scan policies
    • Freeze windows
    • Queries
    • Tickets and alerts
    • ARCs
    • Dashboards
    • Reports, report images, report attributes, and report results

    If you do not migrate the user's objects, Tenable Security Center deletes the user's objects.

    Note: You cannot migrate objects when deleting an Administrator user because all Administrator-created objects are shared across Tenable Security Center and remain accessible after user deletion.

  6. Click Delete.

    Tenable Security Center deletes the user.