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Tenable provides support for Tenable SecurityCenter and provides commercially reasonable help for the Tenable-written application components that reside within the ServiceNow platform. Because each ServiceNow instance is highly customizable, Tenable Customer Support cannot help with ServiceNow customizations such as reporting, data transformation, and workflow logic. This application is only designed to make the process easier for getting Tenable SecurityCenter vulnerability data to your ServiceNow Operations Manager.

Contacting Tenable Support

  • Support Hours of Operation: 24 hours a day
  • Support Days of Operation: 7 days a week
  • Contact Method: Phone, Support Portal, Email, Chat
  • Contact Details: 1-855- 267-7044 (Toll Free) 1-443- 545-2104 (Direct),,
  • Follow the Contact Tenable Support link in the application to go directly to the Tenable Support Portal


How do I tell if my Assets are Syncing between ServiceNow and

  1. In ServiceNow, navigate to for Assets > Diagnostics > Queued Actions. Actions should appear in the New and Processing states before being removed from the list.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click Assets.
  4. From the Filter drop-down, select Source equals ServiceNow.

    Synced assets from ServiceNow appear in the list.

How can I view the progress of my scheduled import?

  1. Navigate to for VR > Configuration > Scheduled Imports > Default Scheduled Import > Import Job Details list.

The status of these jobs updates throughout the progress of the import:

  1. Initially, the status is set to New.
  2. While the job is running, the status updates to Identifying Chunks.
  3. When the export job finishes and ServiceNow begins receiving chunk data from, the status changes to Receiving Chunk Data.

    Each chunk is attached to a .json file in ServiceNow. Chunks are listed under their associated job.

  4. Once all the chunk data is retrieved, the status changes to Importing. Each chunk imports into ServiceNow one at a time.

  5. Once importing is complete, the job is marked as Complete or Complete with Errors.

    Note: If a job is marked Complete with Errors, the job is attempted again on the next schedule.

How can I adjust the Log Level?

  1. In ServiceNow, navigate to for Assets > Configuration > General Settings.
  2. From the Logging Level drop-down, select the logging level you wish to employ.

How can I Ensure my VR Connection is Active?

  1. Navigate to for VR > Diagnostics > Queued Actions. Actions should appear in the New and Processing states before being removed from the list.

How can I set for Assets as my ServiceNow home screen?

  1. Navigate to for AssetsDashboard. for Assets is set as the ServiceNow home screen.

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