Configure an SNMP Agent via the CLI

Required User Role: Root user

If your organization uses a Simple Network Monitoring Protocol (SNMP) network management station (NMS) for device monitoring, you can install a net-snmp agent onto Tenable Core to report device data to your NMS.

To install and configure an SNMP agent on Tenable Core via the CLI:

  1. Prepare the net-snmp agent configuration file and add it to Tenable Core, as described in the Net-SNMP Documentation.

  2. Log in to Tenable Core via the Terminal page or command line interface (CLI).

    The command line appears.

  3. In the /etc/snmp/ directory, open the snmpd.local.conf file.

    The file opens.

  4. Locate the IncludeFile line in the file.
  5. Comment out the IncludeFile line to instruct Tenable Core to ignore all current and future configurations on the SNMP page of the Tenable Core user interface.

    Tenable Core ignores SNMP configurations in the Tenable Core user interface.

Note: IP tables may need to be updated to facilitate SNMP communication. Be sure to confirm that your OS configuration allows for this communication.