Deploy Tenable Core in AWS

You can deploy in Amazon Web Services (AWS) via the AWS Marketplace.

Before you begin:

To deploy a Tenable Core virtual machine in AWS:

  1. Log in to AWS. For more information, see the AWS Documentation.
  2. Navigate to the Amazon Marketplace.
  3. In the Amazon Marketplace search bar, type Tenable Core +
  4. Click the result for Tenable Core +

    The product overview page appears.

  5. Click Continue to Subscribe.

    Either a terms and conditions window or the basic configurations page appears.

    1. If the terms and conditions window appears, click Accept Terms.

    2. Click Continue to Configuration.

      The basic configurations page appears.

  6. Select the region where you want to operate your virtual machine. AWS preselects fulfillment and software versions for the AMI based on your region.

  7. Click Continue to Launch.

    The launch options page appears.

  8. In the Choose Action drop-down box, select one of the following:

What to do next: