When are Tenable Core offline update ISOs released?

Tenable Core releases offline updates throughout the year on a quarterly basis, within three weeks after the end of a quarter.

Can I skip offline updates?

Tenable recommends that you apply updates in order. Tenable does not test, or support, skipping updates. If you have an old version of Tenable Core, it is best to back up the data and restore it on a newer version of Tenable Core.

Does Tenable provide old Tenable Core ISOs?

The downloads page has the current ISO and images from the last four quarters. Tenable does not provide any ISOs older than what is available on the downloads page. If you are looking for an older ISO to downgrade one of the products, you can follow the Tenable Core documentation.

How can I find out what updates are in an offline Tenable Core ISO?

The release notes for offline ISOs have a section for package updates that are present in the ISO.

How long does it take for a Tenable software update to be available in Tenable Core?

Tenable Core holds a new version of Tenable Nessus until the general availability (GA) date in Tenable Vulnerability Management. This is usually a week after the stand-alone Tenable Nessus GA. Releases for other products on Tenable Core usually occur within 24 hours of the GA date. To see which versions of the products are currently available on each operating system version of Tenable Core, see the Versions page.

Do automatic updates include Security Center patches?

Patches are not included in automatic updates. Applicable patches need to be downloaded and installed per the given instructions for each patch.

How can I disable or reenable automatic updates?

Automatic update configuration is in Tenable Core documentation.

Can I use a local repository for software updates?

Tenable Core does not support this feature. Tenable encourages you to submit a feature request.

How long will Tenable Core support RHEL/CentOS 7?

CentOS 7 operating system will be end of support (EOS) as of June 30, 2024. As such, Tenable will also be ceasing support for all CentOS 7-based Core images & packages. All On-Prem products - Nessus, Nessus Manager, NNM, Sensor Proxy, WAS, or Security Center deployed on CentOS 7 versions of Tenable Core should be migrated to Oracle Linux 8 versions of Tenable Core before Jun 30, 2024.

Why are my automatic backups failing?

One of the most common reasons for an automatic backup failing is that the Security Center services failed to exit. Core will not force Security Center processes to exit. Automatic backups should be scheduled outside of normal scan times to minimize backup failures.

How often are OS updates for Tenable Core released?

Typically once every 2-3 calendar weeks (e.g., Updates were made available on March 5, 2024 and March 22, 2024)

Will tenable support X software we installed on our Core instance?

You can install any software you wish on Tenable Core instances. Tenable does not support the additional software, but fully supports Tenable Core (and the installed product) in that situation. Tenable reserves the right to require that the additional software be removed in the future if it is impacting an issue you are having and requesting support for.

Can I upgrade the hardware version of my VM?

Yes, this should not affect Tenable Core.

What versions of VMware do Tenable Core support?

Tenable Core supports all currently supported versions of VMware software. We support VM hardware versions vmx-10, vmx-11, vmx-12, vmx-13, vmx-14, vmx-15, vmx-16, vmx-17, and vmx-18.

Why are updates installed through yum missing from the update history on the Software Updates page?

The history displayed on the updates page is determined by PackageKit and not yum directly. Updates installed with yum will not populate that page. Installing updates with pkcon, however, will populate that page. Usage should be the following:

pkcon install [package]

pkcon update

Why does Tenable Core include obsolete unsupported software (e.g., Python 2.7, Openssl 1.0.2k, etc.)?

Enterprise Linux distributions (like CentOS) freeze the versions of software they ship, then maintain the security of that software using backporting.

Does Tenable support X software that I installed on my Tenable Core instance?

You can install any software you wish on Tenable Core instances. Tenable does not support the additional software, but fully supports Tenable Core and the installed product in that situation. Tenable reserves the right to require that you remove the additional software if it is impacting an issue you are having, and requesting support for.

Do any services need to be enabled to allow access to cockpit (https://ip.address:8000)?

No. Cockpit is enabled by default and services start automatically on boot. Any messages regarding cockpit on system boot can be disregarded.

How do I reset my administrator password in Tenable Core?

The process to reset your password is in this Tenable Community Knowledge Article.