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Nessus Network Monitor (NNM) Configuration

  1. Click on the URL in the NNM Installation Info Card.

  2. Enter the default username and password, which are both admin.
  3. Click Sign In to Continue.
  4. The Change Default Password screen of the Quick Setup window appears, where you can change the default password. The new password must meet the following minimum requirements:

    • Minimum 5 characters long
    • One capital letter
    • One lowercase letter
    • One numeric digit
    • One special character from the following list: !@#$%^&*().
  5. Click Next Step. The Set Activation Code screen appears.

  6. Enter an Activation Code.
  7. Click Next Step.  The Monitoring Configuration Screen Appears.

    • The Monitored Network Interfaces box displays the monitored interfaces identified by NNM. You can select one or more of the defined interfaces. The caret icon displays additional information about each interface.
    • The Monitored Network IP Addresses and Ranges box displays the IP address ranges NNM monitors.
    • The Excluded Network IP Addresses and Ranges box displays the IP address ranges NNM does not monitor.
    • The Monitored Network IP Addresses and Ranges and Excluded Network IP Addresses and Ranges boxes accept both IPv4 and IPv6 CIDR address definitions. When multiple addresses are used, separate the entries using commas or new lines.
  8. Click Finish.

    The Monitoring page appears. Once NNM starts monitoring traffic, the page displays various high-level charts about the vulnerabilities, assets, connections, and bandwidth usage that NNM has detected, as well as real-time events that NNM has triggered.

Note: See the Nessus Network Monitor User Guide for additional information.



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