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Nessus Network Monitor

Tenable Nessus Network Monitor is a network discovery and vulnerability analysis software solution, delivering real-time network profiling and monitoring for continuous assessment of an organization’s security posture in a non-intrusive manner. The Nessus Network Monitor (NNM) monitors network traffic at the packet layer to determine topology, services, and vulnerabilities. Where an active scanner takes a snapshot of the network in time, the NNM behaves like a security motion detector on the network.

The NNM application must be activated and configured to make the system manageable via a web browser or used by SecurityCenter,, or On-prem.

Installation Info

The NNM Installation Info section provides information for the NNM application. Users can view the URLs, Service Status, License, Application version, and Binary version.

Webserver Authentication

The Web Server Authentication section controls the configuration of the SSL Client Certificate authentication permissions. The two options are password or SSL Client Certificate. This setting will control the option available for users to log into the NNM server via password authentication or SSL client certificate.

  • The SSL Client Certificate option configures the NNM web server to only accept connections from web browsers that present a valid SSL client certificate. Other connection attempts will be rejected by the web server with the exact message displayed dependent on the web browser in use.
  • The password option configures the server to ignore any SSL client certificates but allows the web browser connection. This is the default setting and works with most web browsers without issue.

Nessus Network Monitor Logs

The Nessus Network Monitor Logs section contains four different log types. Click on the drop down menu to view the Application log, Webserver log, PASL log, and Realtime log. After making your selection, click view log.

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