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Configure Static IP Addresses

Static IP addresses can only be configured after creating an admin user and configuring a DHCP connection.

Note: Make sure Wired connection 1 is selected.

Note: An alternative connection can be made by going to the connection list and modifying it.

Device List

Enter the following to view the current device list.

$ nmcli device status
ens160 ethernet connected Wired connection 1
lo loopback unmanaged --

Note: Make sure Wired connection 1 is selected from the list of available connections.

Note: The value in the DEVICE column.

Add Connection

Enter the following to fetch the connection associated with that device.

$ conn=$(nmcli -g general.connection device show ens160)
$ echo "$conn"

Static Connection

Enter the following to configure a static connection.

$ nmcli connection modify "$conn" connection.autoconnect yes ipv4.method manual ipv4.addr "" ipv4.dns "," ipv4.gateway ""

Restart or Reboot the Connection

Enter the following to restart.

$ nmcli connection down "$conn" && nmcli connection up "$conn"


Enter one of the following to reboot.

$ systemctl reboot
$ shutdown -r now
$ reboot


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