Deploy Tenable Core in Microsoft Azure via the CLI

It is typically simplest to create and configure Tenable Core + Nessus using the Microsoft Azure portal, as described in Deploy Tenable Core in Microsoft Azure via the Portal.

In some cases, you may prefer to use the Microsoft Azure command line interface (CLI) to deploy Tenable Core in Azure.

Before you begin:

To deploy a Tenable Core + Nessus VM via the Azure CLI:

  1. In a text editor, open a new file.
  2. If you want Tenable Core + Nessus  to automatically link to on first boot, copy and paste the following configuration variables:

    #cloud-config runcmd: # Link Nessus to - - /opt/nessus/sbin/nessuscli - managed - link - "--key=<Your linking key>" - "--cloud"
  3. Save and close the configuration file.
  4. Log in to the Azure CLI.
  5. In the Azure CLI, run the az vm create command to deploy the file, using the variables defined below.

    az vm create --size <The size of your virtual machine> --image <tenable:tenablecorenessus:tenablecorenessusbyol:latest> --resource-group <Your resource group name> --location <Your location (for example, eastus)> --name <The name you want to call your VM (for example, Nessus_123)> --admin-username <The username for your Tenable Core administrator> --admin-password <The password for your Tenable Core administrator>

    Tip: For more information about the Azure CLI, see the Microsoft Azure CLI Documentation.

    The system deploys your Tenable Core + Nessus VM.

What to do next:

  • Continue getting started with Tenable Core + Nessus, as described in Get Started.