Deploy Tenable Core in Hyper-V

To deploy Tenable Core + Nessus as a Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machine, you must download the Tenable Core + Nessus .zip file and deploy it on the host where you want to launch Tenable Core + Nessus.

Note: After you download the .zip file, you can use an external storage device to deploy it on another machine. You do not need internet access on the machine hosting Tenable Core.

Before you begin:

To deploy Tenable Core + Nessus as a Hyper-V virtual machine:

  1. Download the Tenable Core Nessus VMware Image file from the Tenable Downloads page.

  2. Navigate to your Hyper-V Manager on the machine where you want to deploy Tenable Core + Nessus.
  3. Extract the .zip file you previously downloaded. Extracting may take a few minutes.
  4. In your Hyper-V Manager, create a new virtual machine.

    The Hyper-V Manager wizard appears.

  5. In the setup wizard, adjust the virtual machine configurations to meet your organization's storage needs, and the requirements described in System and License Requirements.

    Note: Tenable recommends that you select Generation 1 when the Hyper-V Manager wizard prompts you during the configuration.

  6. When prompted to Connect to a Virtual Hard Disk in the wizard, select Use an existing virtual hard disk.
  7. Click Browse and select the .vhd file.

  8. Click Finish.

    The Hyper-V setup completes.

  9. (Optional) If you want to increase the number of CPUs on your virtual machine:

    1. In the Virtual Machines table, right-click the row for your machine and click Settings.

      The settings window appears.

    2. In the Hardware section, click Processor.
    3. Modify the settings as necessary.
    4. Click Ok.
  10. In the Virtual Machines table, right-click the row for your machine and click Start or Connect.

    The virtual machine load process appears in a console. The load process may take several minutes to complete.

What to do next:

  • Continue getting started with Tenable Core + Nessus, as described in Get Started.