Deploy Tenable Core in VMware

To deploy Tenable Core + Nessus as a VMware virtual machine, you must download the Tenable Core + Nessus .ova file and deploy it on a hypervisor.

Before you begin:

To deploy Tenable Core + Nessus as a VMware virtual machine:

  1. Download the Tenable Core Nessus VMware Image file from the Tenable Downloads page.

  2. Open your VMware virtual machine in the hypervisor.
  3. Import the Tenable Core + Nessus VMware .ova file from your computer to your virtual machine. For information about how to import a .ova file to your virtual machine, see VMware documentation.
  4. In the setup prompt, configure the virtual machine to meet your organization's storage needs and requirements, and those described in  System and License Requirements.
  5. Launch your Tenable Core + Nessus instance.

    The virtual machine boot process appears in a terminal window.

    Note: The boot process may take several minutes to complete.

    When the virtual machine boot process finishes, the Tenable Core + Nessus deployment is complete .

What to do next:

  • Continue getting started with Tenable Core + Nessus, as described in Get Started.