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Proxy Installation

Complete the following steps to install Tenable Core when internet access is only available through a Proxy.


  1. Boot from the Tenable Core install disc.

    Note: The proxy definition can, optionally, be passed as a boot parameter by pressing the Tab key at the first boot screen and appending the following.


    Example: proxy=proxuser:proxpass@

    Note: Special characters in the proxy definition must be escaped using HTML URL encoding.

  2. The gridinstaller will attempt to connect to the Tenable Core software repository using a direct connection or the proxy definition provided. If the repository is unreachable a text menu system displays.

  3. Press 3 then Enter to start the Proxy Configuration. A new message with the proxy configuration format displays.
  4. Enter the proxy definition in the format displayed.

    Note: The system will automatically default to the port. However, it can also be entered.

    Note: If the password contains special characters, they must be HTML URL encoded. Example: A password of Work=$ should be entered as Work%3d%24. Encoding charts are available online.

  1. If the configured proxy is intercepting SSL traffic, a question displays. You will have to disable verification here to complete the installation. Type yes and press Enter. The Installation section displays.

    Note: Once the machine is set up, SSL verification is re-enabled. You will need to install the root CA for your proxy to access software updates.

  2. Next, press 4 then Enter. The Installation Source options display.

    Note: This step must be completed because the system does not automatically detect that the repositories are reachable after proxy settings change.

  3. Press 3 then Enter, to select Network. Additional Installation Source options display.
  4. Press 2 then Enter, to select https://. The Specify Repo Options display.
  5. Press c then Enter, to continue. This will force the system to re-scan . The Installation section displays.
  6. Press r then Enter, to refresh. The refreshed Installation section displays.

    Note: You can monitor your proxy while the requests are being processed.

  7. Once the installation source is reachable (an X instead of ! shows for option 4 in the menu), press b then Enter, to begin installation. The Progress sections displays.

  8. After the installation is complete, the following message may display - press enter to reboot. If this message displays, press Enter. However, some systems may reboot automatically.

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