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Update Management

The Update Management section is divided into two sections: Automatic Updates and Proxy Configuration.

Automatic Updates

The Automatic Updates section provides information for scheduled updates. Updates can be modified by clicking the word Here in the statement above the listed information. Clicking the word Here will take you to the Services page. The Services page contains options for configuring automatic updates. The Automatic Updates runs a full system update.

Timer Configuration Line

Use this feature to configure update times. To Configure:

  1. Click the Edit option (blue text) in the Timer Config Line row. A window will open.

  1. Select the Day of week, Day of month, Hour, and/or Minute for the desired configuration.

    Note: If both, Day of week and Day of month are selected, the system will only perform updates on days when those two items coincide. For example, if Wednesday is select for Day of week and 8 is selected for Day of month the system will only update on Wednesday's that fall on the 8th.

  1. Click Save to confirm the configuration. A confirmation message will appear and the window will close.
  2. Refresh the screen to update the page.
  3. The updated configuration will display in the Automatic Updates section.

Proxy Configuration

The Proxy Configuration section provides the option for configuring a proxy server if a proxy server is needed for internet access. Enter the proxy information and click the Save Proxy button to complete the configuration.


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