Deploy an On-Premise Code Scanner

To deploy an on-premises code scanner, you must first download the deployment package for Ubuntu Linux from Tenable.cs and then deploy the package on a virtual machine.

To download the on-premise code scanner package:

  1. Access Tenable.cs.

  2. In the left navigation bar, click Integrations.
    The All Integrations page appears.

  3. Click On-premise code scanner.
    The On-premise code scanner window appears.

  4. In the upper-right corner, click Download new.
    The New On-premise code scanner window appears.

  5. In the Select deployment option section, select Ubuntu Linux.

  6. Click Continue.

    Tenable.cs displays the setup instructions for Ubuntu Linux.

    Note: Depending on the number of enterprise repository servers, you can deploy multiple on-premise code scanners. You must have one code scanner per virtual machine instance.
  1. Click Download.

    Tenable.cs downloads the file.

  2. Extract the on-premise code scanner deployment zip file.

    Note: Do not alter the extracted contents.

To configure your on-premise code scanner to work with a self-signed certificate, see Configure an On-Premise Code Scanner to Use Self-Signed Certificate.

What to do next: