You can use specialized pages to analyze vulnerability and asset data in Some, but not all, analysis pages are available in the new interface. For more information about the interface redesign, see Navigate (New Interface).

To learn more about the primary risk metrics in, see CVSS vs. VPR.

Analysis Page Interface Description
Lumin New Assess your Cyber Exposure risk. Learn more about your assets, your vulnerabilities, and Tenable-recommended solutions.
Explore New Learn more about your organization's findings and asset trend data.
Reports New Create, manage, and share your reports.
Remediation New Categorize and prioritize fixes for findings on your network.
Assets New or Classic Learn more about the assets on your network.
Vulnerabilities New or Classic Learn more about the vulnerabilities impacting your network.
PCI ASV Workbench New or Classic Manage PCI ASV attestation requests.
Solutions New Learn more about Tenable recommended solutions for your vulnerabilities.
Health Status Workbench Classic Learn more about scan and usage data for your deployment.
Dashboards New or Classic View graphical summaries of scans, scan results, and system activity.