Dashboards and Workbenches (Classic Interface)

Tenable.io features rich, graphical summaries of scans, scan results, and system activity. Tenable.io updates dashboard data every time you run a scan.

To access the Dashboards page, in the top navigation bar, click Dashboards.

Based on the modules you have activated, you may have access to a number of different workbenches and dashboards. The modules available to you appear in the left navigation bar.

Tenable provides the following workbenches in Tenable.io:

For information about creating additional dashboards, see Create a Dashboard (Classic Interface).

On the Dashboards page, you can click on a chart in a workbench to display the list of vulnerabilities or assets in the chart. This list changes depending on the filter you apply. For more information, see Filter the Vulnerabilities or Assets Workbench (Classic Interface).

Before you can view any chart, you must read and configure your scan result's privacy. By default, all scan results are set to Private.