Manage Asset Tags

Note: This section describes the new interface. For information about asset tags in the classic interface, see Manage Asset Tags in the Classic Interface.

Add your own business context to assets by tagging them with descriptive metadata in

You can manually apply a tag to create a static group of assets. An asset tag is primarily composed of a Category:Value pair. For example, if you want to group your assets by location, create a Location category with the value Headquarters. For more information about tags, see Tags.

You can manage asset tags in any user role.

To manage tags in the new interface, use the following procedures:

Tip: Applying or removing a tag generates an entry in the asset's activity log. You can view the activity log in the Activity tab of the Asset Details page.

Note: applies dynamic tags to any assets, regardless of access group scoping. As a result, it may apply tags you create to assets outside of access groups to which you belong.