Tenable.io Key Enhancements

Welcome to the improved Tenable.io platform! Tenable has updated the Tenable.io platform to provide you with a more intuitive and consistent user interface across all Tenable.io products.

This document refers to these improvements collectively as Tenable.io Key Enhancements and refers to the features and functionality that predate these updates as Tenable.io.

The system requirements for all products are unchanged.

Tenable.io Key Enhancements

The table below describes the new and updated enhancements to Tenable.io along with their corresponding topics.

Feature Tenable.io Key Enhancement Topics Highlights Related Videos
Improved tagging functionality for asset management
Centralized access control for roles, users, groups, and permissions
  • You can see and manage users, roles, and permissions from a centralized location.

  • Your user groups and permissions are now displayed on your My Account page, providing you with at-a-glance knowledge of which resources you can interact with in Tenable.io.

  • In addition to user roles, you can use permission configurations to control users' access to your organization's resources on an item-by-item basis.

  • You no longer need to rely on access groups to customize specific users' access to resources.

Custom user roles You can now create user roles for users on your account and include only the privileges you want. These custom roles allow you to tailor user interaction with your assets in a way that meets your specific organizational needs.  
Universal filters in Tenable.io
  • The filtering process is simplified and consistent across all Tenable.io products and data types, including asset data, vulnerability data, user data, and export data.

  • You can use multiple filters simultaneously to drill down data by nearly any metric.

  • Highly customizable filters allow you to include and/or stipulations, wild card placeholders, and exists/does not exist values.

  • Filtering includes the option to group your data by the attributes you want.

  • You can create and edit tags using filters.

Note: Feature description begins at 3:40.

User-friendly Explore section
  • The integrated dashboard allows you to view findings and trend data for Vulnerability Management and Tenable.io Web Application Scanning assets in a single location.

  • Interactive widgets and customizable tables allow you to view snapshots of your data based on the metrics that matter to your organization.

Exports integration throughout Tenable.io
  • Using filters and tags, you can schedule regular exports for your asset and finding data.

  • The process to export data is consistent across Tenable.io.

  • You can now export nearly all data sets on the platform, including asset data, vulnerability data, user data, scanner and agent data, and even export data.

Agent management Modify Remote Agent Settings
  • You can now easily manage your agents directly in the Tenable.io interface rather than through command line prompts.

  • In the Tenable.io interface, you can complete agent management tasks individually and in bulk.

Terminology Changes

The table below lists terms commonly used in Tenable.io Key Enhancements documentation and their equivalent terms in Tenable.io documentation.

Tenable.io Key Enhancements Tenable.io Equivalents
Privilege — An action that a user can perform based on their assigned user role.3 Permission — An action that a user can perform based on their assigned user role.4
Permission — Predefined actions listed in a permission configuration that determine what actions the users assigned to the configuration can perform with the objects listed in the configuration. no equivalent
Permission Configuration — An administrator-created set of rules that determine which users can access certain resources on your Tenable.io instance and what actions those users can perform with those resources.

no equivalent

Object — A set of assets defined by a tag and identified collectively by that tag. You can create and use objects to specify which assets users on your Tenable.io instance can access.

no equivalent