Delete Assets

This topic has been modified to reflect updates to a corresponding feature in Key Enhancements. For more information, see Key Enhancements.

Required Vulnerability Management User Role: Scan Operator, Standard, Scan Manager, or Administrator

Required Access Group Permissions: Can View

You can delete assets from the following locations:

  • the Assets page

  • the Asset Detail page

  • the Vulnerability by Asset page

  • the Explore Overview section

When you delete an asset, deletes the asset from the default view of the assets table, deletes vulnerability data associated with the asset, and stops matching scan results to the asset.

Note: You can only delete 1,000 assets at a time.

If the asset is an Explore asset, then removes the asset from your asset count within 24 hours. All other assets remain on your license count until 90 days after last sees the asset in a scan.

Note: If an asset is part of a network with an Asset Age Out setting, this setting overrides these default settings. For more information, see View or Edit a Network.