User Groups

Topics in this section have been modified to reflect feature updates in Key Enhancements. For more information, see Key Enhancements.

Note: This section describes the new interface. For information about the classic interface, see Groups (Classic Interface).

User groups allow you to manage user permissions for various resources in When you assign users to a group, the users inherit the permissions assigned to the group. Your organization may utilize groups to provide permissions to batches of users based on the roles of those users and your organization's security posture.

Note: For an example of how user groups interact with user accounts and access groups, see Example: Access Groups.

To view your user groups:

  • In the left navigation plane, click Settings.

    The Settings page appears.

  • Click the Access Control tile.

    The Access Control page appears. On this page, you can control user and group access to resources in your account.

  • Click the Groups tab.

    The Groups page appears.

The User Groups page displays a table of all user groups in your instance. This documentation refers to that table as the user groups table.

The user groups table contains the following columns:

Column Description

The group name. You can define this name for all user groups except the Tenable-provided All Users and Administrator groups.

  • The number of users assigned to the user group.
  • Actions The actions you can take with the group.

    On the Groups tab, you can perform the following actions: