View Your List of Users

This topic has been modified to reflect updates to a corresponding feature in Key Enhancements. For more information, see Key Enhancements.

Required User Role: Administrator

On the Access Control page, in the Users tab, you can view a list of all the users on your instance.

To view users and user data for your instance:

  1. In the left navigation plane, click Settings.

    The Settings page appears.

  2. Click the Access Control tile.

    The Access Control page appears. On this page, you can control user and group access to resources in your account.

  3. Click the Users tab.

    The Users tab appears, containing a table of all user accounts on your instance. This documentation refers to that table as the users table.

Users Table

On the users table, you can view the following information about users on your instance.

Column Description
Name The username for the account.
Last Login The date on which the user last successfully logged in to the interface.
Last Failed The date on which the user failed to log in to the interface.
Total Failed

The total number of failed login attempts for the user.

This number resets when either an administrator or the user resets the password for the user account.

Last API Access The date on which the user last generated API keys.
Role The role assigned to the user. For more information, see Roles.
Actions The actions an administrator user can take with the user (e.g. export a user).