Scan Status

In, depending on its state, scans can have following status values:

Note: The percentage on the scan progress indicator represents the percentage of completed tasks in the scan. A scan with one task shows 0% progress until the scan completes.

Tip: For vulnerability management scans, you can hover over the scan status to view more status information in a pop-up window, such as the number of targets scanned and the elapsed or final scan time. The window shows different information based on the scan's current status.
Status Description

Vulnerability Management Scans

Tip: The typical Vulnerability Management scan status flow is as follows: Initializing, Running, Publishing Results, Completed.


Either the latest run of the scan is incomplete because or the scanner encountered problems during the run, or the scan remained queued without running for four or more hours. For more information about the problems encountered during the run, view the scan warnings.


At user request, successfully stopped the latest run of the scan.


The latest run of the scan is complete.


The scan is either empty (the scan is new or has yet to run) or pending ( is processing a request to run the scan).


A user imported the scan. You cannot run imported scans. Scan history is unavailable for imported scans.


A user paused the scan, and is processing the action.

Paused At user request, successfully paused active tasks related to the scan. The paused tasks continue to fill the task capacity of the scanner that the tasks were assigned to. does not dispatch new tasks from a paused scan job. If the scan remains in a paused state for more than 14 days, the scan times out. then aborts the related tasks on the scanner and categorizes the scan as aborted.
Pending has the scan queued to launch and is assigning scan tasks to the assigned sensors.

Note: aborts scans that remain in Pending status for more than four hours. If aborts your scan, modify your scan schedules to reduce the number of overlapping scans. If you still have issues, contact Tenable Support.

Publishing Results processes and stores the scan results data for you to view and use in the user interface. The Publishing Results status begins once the Running status reaches 100%.
Resuming is in the process of restarting tasks after the user resumed the scan. instructs the scanner to start the tasks from the point at which the scan was paused. If or the scanner encounters problems when resuming the scan, the scan fails, and updates the scan status to aborted.

The scan is currently running. While this status is shown, the scan's sensors complete their assigned scan tasks, and processes the scan results. The progress bar shows next to the status when a scan is running. The progress bar shows the percentage of the completed tasks.

Stopping A user stopped the scan, and is processing the action.