WAS Dashboard

The default Web Applications Scanning dashboard displays data Tenable.io Web Application Scanning collects.

You can export the Tenable.io Web Application Scanning dashboard landing page, or export individual widgets on the page.



The table below describes the widgets displayed in the Statistics section of the Web Applications Scanning dashboard. You can view details about the data in a widget by clicking the widget.




Number of vulnerabilities Tenable.io Web Application Scanning has discovered in the last 90 days. The vulnerabilities are categorized by severity (Critical, High, Medium, Low, and Info).

For information about vulnerability ratings and the severity metrics Tenable uses to analyze risk, see Severity vs. VPR in the Tenable.io Vulnerability Management User Guide.

Applications Number of applications scanned over time.
Scans (Last 90D) Number of scans Tenable.io Web Application Scanning attempted in the last 90 days. The scans are categorized as percentages of successful or aborted scans.

OWASP Top 10

This chart displays the vulnerabilities discovered by Tenable.io Web Application Scanning that appear in the latest Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 Most Critical Web Application Security Risks document.