WAS Scanning Overview

Required Additional License: Tenable.io Web Application Scanning

Note: The topics in this section describe web application scans in the new interface only. If you activate the new interface, you can view a historical snap shot of scan configurations in the classic interface, but you can modify those configurations in the new interface only.

For information about scans in the classic interface, see Scans (Classic Interface).

Configure web application scans to collect data about your web applications for analysis. This overview walks you through the main steps you need to create, configure, launch, and manage web application scans.

Depending on your organization, one person may perform all of the steps, or several people may share the steps.

For a demonstration on tuning for web application scans, see the following video:

Create and launch a web application scan

  1. Create a web application scan.
  2. Select a scan template that fits your needs.
  3. Configure the scan:
  4. Launch the scan.

View and manage scans

  1. View your scan results.
  2. View details about the plugin results in attachments to scan results.
  3. Remove legacy scans and scan results from your dashboard.