Nessus Agent Hardware Requirements

Nessus Agents are designed to be lightweight and to use only minimal system resources. Generally, a Nessus Agent uses 40 MB of RAM (all pageable). A Nessus Agent uses almost no CPU while idle, but is designed to use up to 100% of CPU when available during jobs.

For more information on Nessus Agent resource usage, see Software Footprint and Host System Utilization.

The following table outlines the minimum recommended hardware for operating a Nessus Agent. Nessus Agents can be installed on a virtual machine that meets the same requirements specified.


Minimum Requirement


1 Dual-core CPU

Processor Speed

> 1 Ghz

RAM > 1 GB
Disk Space

> 1 GB with normal usage

> 2 GB under certain conditions, e.g. when a plugins-code.db defragmentation operation is in progress

Disk Speed 15-50 IOPS
Note: You can control the priority of the Nessus Agent relative to the priority of other tasks running on the system. For more information see Agent CPU Resource Control in the Nessus Agent Deployment and User Guide.