Install a Nessus Scanner on a Mac OS X Device

The steps in this procedure require administrative or root privileges on the device.

Before you begin:

  • Download the Nessus installation file corresponds to your operating system from the Tenable Downloads Page. Installation files for Mac OS X typically have the .dmg extension.

To install a Nessus scanner on a Mac OS X device:

  1. Double-click the Nessus installation file that you downloaded from the Tenable Downloads Page.

    The system extracts the files.

  2. Double-click the Install Nessus.pkg button.

    The install wizard starts, and the Install Tenable Nessus Server page appears.

  3. Read the installer information, and click the Continue button.

    The Software License Agreement page appears.

  4. Read the agreement. If you agree, click the Agree button.

    The Standard Install on <Drive Name> page appears, where <Drive Name> is the name of the drive where the application is installed by default.

  5. (Optional) Click the Change Install Location button to select another drive or folder.
  6. Click the Install button.

    The Preparing for installation page appears.

  7. In the Name and Password boxes, type the username and password of an account with administrator privileges.

    The Ready to Install the Program page appears.

  8. Click the Install button.

    The installation begins. When the installation is complete, the Installation was successful page appears.

  9. Click the Close button.

What to do next:

  • Complete the initial configuration for Nessus and configure it as a managed scanner linked to, as described in Configure Nessus in the Nessus User Guide .