Plugin Details (Classic Interface)

You can drill into the plugin details page from assets or vulnerability pages to view detailed information about the plugin, vulnerability, and assets.

On this page, you can:

Section Action
Export drop-down box

Export plugin details.


View information about the plugin, vulnerability instance, and affected assets.

Solution View a brief summary of how you can remediate the vulnerability.
See Also Click links to external resources related to the vulnerability.
Output View the plugin output.
Plugin Details View details about the plugin.
Discovery View details about when the vulnerability was discovered and last seen on your network.
Vulnerability Priority Rating (VPR) Key Drivers

View the key drivers Tenable used to calculate the vulnerability VPR. For more information about VPR key drivers, see Severity vs. VPR.

Risk Information View metrics (e.g., CVSS score) about the risk associated with the vulnerability.
Vulnerability Information View details about the vulnerability's exploitability.
Reference Information View related links to the CVE, BID, MSFT, CERT, and other industry materials about the vulnerability.