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View Solution Details

Required User Role: Basic, Scan Operator, Standard, Scan Manager, or Administrator

You can use this page to view details for a solution, including asset and vulnerability information.

To view Lumin solution details:

  1. Navigate to the new interface, as described in Access the New Interface.

  2. In the upper-left corner, click the Menu button.

    The left navigation plane appears.

  3. In the left navigation plane, in the Lumin section, click Solutions.

    The Lumin Solutions page appears.

  4. Click a solution row.

    The Lumin Solution Details page appears.

    Note: All data in Lumin (except the CES for your entire organization) reflects only the assets shared with your user account. For more information, see Access Groups.

    Summary panel
    Metrics summary

    View summary statistics for the recommended solution.

    • Assets Affected — The total number of assets affected by the vulnerabilities included in the solution.
    • Vulnerabilities — The total number of vulnerabilities included in the solution.
    • Vuln Instances — The total number of vulnerability instances that need the solution.

      Tip: A vulnerability instance is a single instance of a vulnerability appearing on an asset, identified uniquely by plugin ID, port, and protocol.

    • VPR — The highest VPR for a vulnerability included in the solution.
    • CVSS V2/V3 Base Score— The highest CVSSv2 score (or CVSSv3 score, when available) for a vulnerability included in the solution.
    Vulnerabilities Included (#) table
    • View all vulnerabilities related to the recommended solution, sorted by decreasing VPR.

    • To view details about an included vulnerability's VPR, click one of the vulnerability rows.

      The Lumin vulnerability details plane appears.

      • View the VPRkey drivers.
      • View a graph that shows the VPR adjustments over the past 30 days, compared to the static CVSSv2 score (or CVSSv3 score, when available).

    • To navigate to another page of the table, see Navigate a Table.
    Assets Affected tab
    ACR tiles

    View the ACR severity tiles, which summarize the number of affected assets in the Low, Medium, High, or Critical, or Unclassified ACR category.

    Assets Affected table
    • View asset information.

      • Asset — The asset identifier: the agent name (if agent-scanned) or the NetBIOS name, FQDN, or IP address.
      • IP — The asset's IP address.
      • ACR — The asset's ACR.
      • OS — The asset's operating system.
      • Detection Source — The scanner type that first scanned the asset.
    • To view details for an asset, click one of the rows in the table.

      The Lumin Asset Details page appears. For more information, see Asset Details.

    • To filter the assets displayed in the table, see Filter a Table. refreshes the table.

    • To sort, increase or decrease the number of rows per page, or navigate to another page of the table, see Navigate a Table.

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