Search Assets by Tag

Required User Role: Basic, Scan Operator, Standard, Scan Manager, or Administrator

When you view an asset's tags, you can search by a specific tag to create a filter for assets with the same tag. For more information on filters in the new interface, see Filter a Table.

You can also search for assets by the tags table, as described in Search for Assets by Tag from the Tags Table.

Before you begin:

To search assets by tag in the new interface:

  1. In the upper-left corner of the Vulnerability Management Overview dashboard, click the Tenable logo.

    The left navigation plane appears.

  2. Click Assets.

    The Assets plane appears.

  3. In the assets table, click the asset that has a tag you want to search by.

    The asset detail page appears.

  4. Under Tags, roll over the tag you want to search by.

    The action buttons appear in the tag row.

  5. Click the button.

    A drop-down box appears.

  6. From the drop-down box, click Search Assets by Tag. displays the Assets plane and automatically applies a filter for the selected tag. The assets table displays assets that have the selected tag applied.