Agent Settings (Classic Interface)

On your agent's manager, you can configure system-wide agent settings to specify inactive agent options and blackout window settings for all your linked agents. For more information on creating, modifying, and deleting blackout windows, see Blackout Windows.

Option Description
Inactive Agents

Unlink agents that have been inactive for X days

Specifies the number of days an agent can be inactive before the manager unlinks the agent. After the specified number of days, the agent is unlinked, but not uninstalled. automatically tracks unlinked agents and related data for the number of days specified in this option. You cannot turn off this tracking.

Note: Inactive agents that are automatically unlinked by do not automatically relink when they come back online.

Override Blackout Windows
Exclude all agents from software updates

When enabled, this option overrides scheduled blackout windows. It prevents agents from receiving software updates at any time.

Agents continue to receive plugin updates and perform scheduled scans.