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Sensors Overview

Note: This section describes the new interface. For information about the classic interface, see Scanners (Classic Interface). For information about navigating the new interface, see Navigate the New Interface. supports the following sensor types:

  • Tenable-provided regional cloud scanners.
  • Manually configured linked sensors (Nessus scanners, NNM instances, Web Application Scanning sensors, and Nessus Agents)

Cloud Sensors

By default, Tenable provides regional cloud sensors. You can select these sensors when you create and launch scans.

The interface displays regional cloud sensors in the following groups:

  • US Cloud Scanner: A group of scanners from one US-EAST range (Ohio or Virginia) and the US-WEST range.
  • US East Cloud Scanners: A group of scanners from either the Ohio or Virginia US-EAST range.
  • US West Cloud Scanners: A group of scanners from the US-WEST range.
  • AP Singapore Cloud Scanners: A group of scanners from the Singapore AP-SOUTHEAST range.
  • AP Sydney Cloud Scanners: A group of scanners from the Sydney AP-SOUTHEAST range.
  • AP Tokyo Cloud Scanners: A group of scanners from the AP-NORTHEAST-1 range.
  • CA Central Cloud Scanners: A group of scanners from the CA-CENTRAL-1 range.
  • EU Frankfurt Cloud Scanners: A group of scanners from the EU-CENTRAL range.
  • UK London Cloud Scanners: A group of scanners from the EU-WEST range.

The following table identifies each regional cloud sensor and, for whitelisting purposes, its IP address ranges. These IP address ranges are exclusive to Tenable.


IP Range

IPv6 Range

Amazon CA-CENTRAL-1 (Canada)


Amazon US-EAST (Ohio or Virginia)



Amazon US-WEST (California)


Amazon EU-CENTRAL (Frankfurt)


Amazon EU-WEST (London)


Amazon AP-SOUTHEAST (Singapore)


Amazon AP-SOUTHEAST (Sydney)


Amazon AP-NORTHEAST-1 (Tokyo) 2406:da14:e76:5b00::/56
Tip: The above ranges can be used for whitelisting for internal scanner or agent communications. However, the IPs listed above may change.

Linked Sensors

After you install a Nessus scanner, NNM instance, Web Application Scanning sensor, or Nessus Agent sensor, you can link it to

Before you can use linked sensors in scans, you must:

  1. Install the appropriate Tenable product on the sensor or the host you want to scan. For more information, see:

  2. Link the sensor or link the agent to

After linking a sensor, you can:

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