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Add your own business context to assets by tagging them with descriptive metadata in

You can manually apply a tag to create a static group of assets. You can also add rules to a tag to automatically apply the tag when the asset attributes match certain conditions, thereby creating a dynamic group of assets. For more information, see Tag Format and Application.

You can create uniquely-named tags, which any user in your organization can apply to assets. You can also provide descriptions of tags and tag categories to better explain their usage. For examples of how you can apply tags to assets, see Example: Asset Tagging.

You can configure scans to target assets based on one or more tags you have assigned to the assets. You can also use applied tags to filter analysis views.

You can manage tags in any user role and view all the tags for your organization in a table on the Tags page. From the Tags page, you can perform the following tasks:

Note: For information on applying or removing tags to assets, see Manage Asset Tags.

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