Agent Scanning

To perform agent scanning, fetches agent scan results from agent-capable Nessus Manager or instances. Using Nessus Agents for scanning reduces network usage and allows devices to maintain their scan schedules even when disconnected from the network. fetches these results for review with other acquired information about the host and network.

You can configure one or both methods of fetching agent scan results in

  • Agent scans fetch results from agent scans you add and launch in When you add an agent scan in, creates a corresponding agent scan in an instance of Nessus Manager or that you linked to When you launch an agent scan in, launches the corresponding scan in Nessus Manager or, then imports the results into

    You can create agent scans in using the Advanced Agent Scan template. For more information, see Scan Policy Templates.

    For more information, see Agent Scans.

  • Agent synchronization jobs fetch results from agent scans you previously created and launched in Nessus Manager or

    Agent synchronization jobs can fetch results from agent scans configured in Nessus Manager or using any agent scan template.

    For more information, see Agent Synchronization Jobs.

To configure agent scanning:

  1. Configure Nessus Agents in either Nessus Manager or, as described in Deployment Workflow in the Nessus Agent Deployment and User Guide.

  2. Add your agent-capable Nessus Manager or instance as a Nessus scanner in, as described in Nessus Scanners.

  3. Add one or more agent repositories in, as described in Add a Repository.

  4. Do one or both of the following:

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