Tenable.sc Database Journaling Modes

By default, Tenable.sc databases use DELETE journaling mode. For installations that meet the requirements, Tenable.sc also supports converting some databases to write-ahead logging (WAL) mode.

Enabling WAL may resolve issues with excessive database locks. If your Tenable.sc does not experience database locking issues, Tenable recommends leaving your Tenable.sc databases in the default DELETE journaling mode.

Tenable strongly recommends performing a backup before converting database journaling modes and performing regular backups after converting database journaling modes. For more information, see Backup and Restore.

For general information about SQLite3 database journaling modes, see the SQLite3 documentation.

For more information, see:

Note: If you previously converted one or more Tenable.sc databases to WAL journaling mode without using the convertDatabaseMode.php script, you must use the convertDatabaseMode.php script to ensure your Tenable.sc databases are fully converted to WAL journaling mode.

WAL Requirements

In addition to the requirements to run Tenable.sc, your Tenable.sc installation must meet the following requirements to enable WAL:

  • Your Tenable.sc installation must be running Tenable.sc 5.19.x or later.

  • Your Tenable.sc instance must be installed on direct-attached storage (DAS).

    Caution: Do not attempt to enable write-ahead logging if you installed Tenable.sc on a storage area network (SAN).

Databases Affected

Enabling or disabling WAL converts the database journaling mode for the following Tenable.sc databases:

  • /opt/sc/application.db

  • /opt/sc/plugins.db

  • /opt/sc/jobqueue.db

  • /opt/sc/remediationHierarchy.db

  • /opt/sc/orgs/<orgID>/organization.db (for each organization in your Tenable.sc)

  • /opt/sc/orgs/<orgID>/assets.db (for each organization in your Tenable.sc)

The convertDatabaseMode.php script only converts the database journaling mode for Tenable.sc databases that can significantly impact performance.