Diagnostics Settings

This page displays and creates information that assists in troubleshooting issues that may arise while using Tenable.sc.

System Status

You can use this section to view the current status of system functions.

System Function


Correct Java Version

Indicates whether the minimum version of Java required to support Tenable.sc functionality is installed.

For more information, see Before You Upgrade.

Sufficient Disk Space

Indicates whether you have enough disk space to support Tenable.sc functionality. A red X indicates the disk is at 95% capacity or higher.

For more information, see Hardware Requirements.

Correct RPM Package Installed

Indicates whether you have the correct Tenable.sc RPM installed for your operating system.

For more information, see System Requirements.

Touch Debugging

Indicates whether touch debugging is enabled. You may experience performance and storage issues if you leave touch debugging enabled for extended periods of time.

For more information, see Diagnostics Settings.

Migration Errors

Indicates whether an error occurred during a recent Tenable.sc update.

Diagnostics File

You can use this section to generate a diagnostics file for troubleshooting with Tenable Support. For more information, see Generate a Diagnostics File.