Keys Settings

Keys allow administrator users to use key-based authentication with a remote (remote repository) or between a and an LCE server. This also removes the need for administrators to know the administrator login or password of the remote system.

Note: The public key from the local must be added to the Keys section of the from which you wish to retrieve a repository. If the keys are not added properly, the remote repository add process prompts for the root username and password of the remote host to perform a key exchange before the repository add/sync occurs.

For more information, see Add a Key, Delete a Key, and Download the SSH Key.

Remote LCE Key Exchange

A manual key exchange between the and the LCE is normally not required; however, in some cases where remote root login is prohibited or key exchange debugging is required, you must manually exchange the keys.

For the remote LCE to recognize the, you need to copy the SSH public key of the and append it to the /opt/lce/.ssh/authorized_keys file. The /opt/lce/daemons/ script performs this function. For more information, see Manual LCE Key Exchange.