Remote Repositories

Remote repositories allow you to share repository data from one deployment to your primary deployment via an SSH session.

Note: You cannot set a remote repository as the Import Repository for active scans. You can use remote repository data only for reporting purposes.

Note: If your remote repository exists on a running 5.19.x or later, upgrade your primary deployment to 5.19.x or later.

For more information, see Add a Repository.

To use tiered remote repositories for large enterprise deployments of, see Tiered Remote Repositories.

Option Description



The repository name.


(Optional) A description for the repository.



The IP address for the host you want to synchronize with to obtain repository data. After you type the IP address:

  1. Click Request Repositories.
  2. Type the username and password for an administrator account on the remote

    The deployments exchange SSH keys, and the system populates the Repository list with all available repositories from the remote


The remote repository you want to collect IP addresses and vulnerability data from.

Update Schedule

Sets the schedule for the remote server to be queried for updated information.



Specifies which organizations have access to the vulnerability data stored in the repository.

If groups are configured for the organization, prompts you to grant or deny access to all of the groups in the organization. For more granular control, grant access within the settings for that group.