Restore a Backup

Required User Role: Root user

For more information about the backup and restore process, see Backup and Restore.

Before you begin:

  • Perform a backup of your, as described in Perform a Backup.
  • Confirm your receiving meets the requirements described in Backup and Restore.
  • Move the backup file to your receiving's /tmp directory.

To restore a backup file:

    Log in to via the command line interface (CLI).

  1. Stop, as described in Start, Stop, or Restart stops.

  2. In the CLI in, run the following command to view all running processes:

    # ps -fu tns
  3. If any processes are listed, run the following commands to stop them:
    # killall -u tns
    # killall httpd

    Note: These commands stop all jobs (including scans) running on

  4. If necessary, repeat step 4 to confirm all processes are stopped.

  5. Run the following commands to decompress the .tar file and overwrite the existing /opt/sc directory:

    # cd /
    # tar -xvf /tmp/sc_backup.tar.gz

    Note: The.tar file switches are case-sensitive.

    The restore finishes.

  6. Start, as described in Start, Stop, or Restart starts.