View Scan Results

Required User Role: Organizational user with appropriate permissions. For more information, see User Roles.

For more information, see Scan Results.

Note: does not include all agent scans in the scan results table. If an agent scan imports scan results identical to the previous agent scan, omits the most recent agent scan from the scan results table.

Note: If you added the parent node of a Nessus Manager cluster as a scanner in, displays scan results for all child nodes. For more information, see Clustering in the Nessus User Guide.

Note: For each agent synchronization job result for a child node, imports a metadata record containing no vulnerability data. This metadata record appears as a second result on the Scan Results page. To prevent from importing the metadata file, configure and launch agent scans from, as described in Agent Scans.

To view a list of scan results:

  1. Log in to via the user interface.

  2. Click Scans > Scan Results.

    The Scan Results page appears.

  3. View details about each scan result.

    • Name — The name for the scan associated with the result.
    • Type — The type of scan that generated the scan result.
    • Scan Policy — The name of the scan policy that generated the scan result.
    • Scanned IPs — The number of IP addresses scanned.
    • Group — The group associated with the scan.
    • Owner — The username for the user who added the scan.
    • Duration — The total time elapsed while running the scan.
    • Import Time — The date and time completed the scan result import.
    • Status — The status of the scan that generated the scan result. For more information, see Scan Status.

  4. To view additional details for a scan result, see View Scan Result Details.