Dashboard and Component Templates

Tenable.sc provides a selection of dashboards and dashboard component templates. You can configure a Tenable-provided dashboard template or you can create a fully customized dashboard. For more information, see Dashboards and Custom Dashboard Component Options.

For a complete index of Tenable-provided report templates, see the Tenable.sc Dashboards blog.

Template Description
Compliance & Configuration Assessment Dashboards that aid with configuration, change, and compliance management.
Discovery & Detection Dashboards that aid in trust identification, rogue detection, and new device discovery.
Executive Dashboards that provide operational insight and metrics geared towards executives.
Monitoring Dashboards that provide intrusion monitoring, alerting, and analysis.
Security Industry Trends Dashboards related to trends, reports, and analysis from industry leaders.
Threat Detection & Vulnerability Assessments Dashboards that aid with identifying vulnerabilities and potential threats.
Custom (Dashboards)
Advanced A custom dashboard with no pre-configured settings.
Import Import a dashboard. For more information, see Import a Dashboard.
Custom (Dashboard Components)
Table Add a table to your dashboard.
Bar Chart Add a bar chart to your dashboard.
Pie Chart Add a pie chart to your dashboard
Matrix Add a matrix to your dashboard.
Line Chart Add a line chart to your dashboard.
Area Chart Add an area chart to your dashboard.