View Your Nessus Scanners

Required User Role: Administrator

You can view the Nessus scanners on your managed instances. For more information, see Nessus Scanners.

To view a list of configured Nessus scanners on your managed instances:

  1. Log in to Director via the user interface.

  2. Click Scan InfrastructureNessus Scanners.

    The Nessus Scanners page appears.

  3. View details about each Nessus scanner.
    • Name — The name for the scanner.
    • Instance — The name of the instance where the scanner is configured. For more information, see Director Deployments.
    • Features — Specifies whether the scanner is a Standard scanner or an Agent Capable scanner. Agent capable scanners provide Nessus Agent scan results to
    • Status — The status of the scanner. For more information, see Nessus Scanner Statuses.

    • Host — The IP address or hostname of the scanner.
    • Version — The scanner's Nessus version.
    • Type — The type of scanner connection.
      TypeDescription could not identify the scanner.
      Nessus (Unmanaged Plugins) accesses the scanner using a Nessus user account with Standard permissions. cannot send plugin updates to the scanner or manage the scanner's activation code.

      Nessus (Managed Plugins) manages the scanner and authenticates via a Nessus user account. sends plugin updates to the scanner and manages the scanner's activation code.

    • Uptime — The length of time, in days, that the scanner has been running.
    • Last Modified — The date and time the scanner was last modified.
  4. To view details of a specific Nessus scanner, see View Details for a Nessus Scanner.
  5. To filter the scanners that appear on the page, apply a filter as described in Apply a Filter.
  6. To manually refresh the Status data, in the Options drop-down box, click Update Status. Director refreshes the Status data.